Crafting Your Kids’ Vacation Experience at Devasom Khao Lak 

Breaks and holidays throughout the year are the perfect time for planning fun and enriching family vacations with the kids. Devasom  Khao Lak invites you to explore the heart of pristine nature, offering a variety of activities that give your children a chance to hone multifaceted skills, all while enjoying precious moments with family.

Traveling with family during the days you can spend together not only makes wonderful memories, but also enriches your children’s lives, particularly when it involves long distances. Scientific research has shown that these experiences can boost your child’s happiness and intelligence, helping them grow in all aspects and contributing to their overall development. They can learn new things and gain firsthand experiences, starting from being involved in planning the trip itself.

Your next opportunity is never far off, whether a semester break or long weekend. Make the choice to switch off your screens and pack your bags for an exciting journey of discovery. Treat yourself and your family to new experiences in a world apart and the opportunity to rejuvenate your minds. The tranquil ambiance of Devasom Khao Lak is a natural playground cradled in sandy shores, populated with trees of all sizes, and features stunning vistas of the Andaman coast that are truly unique.

At Devasom Khao Lak, we aim to inspire your children’s imagination and help them develop their physical, mental, and cognitive skills. That’s why we’ve created ‘Devasom Explorers Kids Club’, a nature-based learning environment where children can engage in a variety of carefully crafted activities. These activities are designed by a team of education experts and geologists, such as the Seapiens consultants, who combine knowledge with fun while nurturing the comprehensive development and needs of children.

Our learning activities align with the Waldorf concept, integrated with Montessori learning principles that encourage children to learn independently. We promote limitless imagination, but more importantly, we facilitate engagement with nature and the surrounding environment. Parents can also participate in these diverse activities alongside their children, making it a holistic learning and bonding experience for the family.

Junior Cooking Class

We invite children to begin with meditation practice, which stimulates their imagination and creativity. Developing all-round skills with fun activities like ‘Junior Cooking Class’ allows everyone to take on the spirit of a little chef. Youngsters will learn to cook food and make drinks, with an expert chef on hand to closely supervise and guide them basic culinary skills such as making pizza and decorating cupcakes in their own way.

The class also includes making a kids’ mocktail, which is called a Jellyfish on our menu, in  a special version of a Drink Lab designed for children to experiment with creating their own mocktails. Once the mocktails are completed, shining a light on the glass will reveal pretty jellyfish floating in the drink. This facilitates the awakening of creative ideas. Moreover, as the children learn new things, their appetite is stimulated.

Junior Surf 

Surfing can help your child improve their balance and movement skills and is one of Khao Lak’s most popular outdoor activities! In this activity, kids will not only learn how to surf but also discover the ancient history and science of this amazing sport and the sea waves. The learning process starts with entertaining and easy-to-understand cartoons, followed by practical lessons. Expert instructors will teach different techniques and closely supervise each learner individually to ensure utmost safety and fun.

Ocean & Art To help children grow up appreciating nature and develop a deeper love for the sea, we’ve created our ‘Ocean & Art’ activity. This activity aims to educate children about their surrounding ecosystem and marine life. It involves an exploratory beach walk with engaging storytelling as well as a fun-filled beach cleanup. During this activity, children are encouraged to gather discarded items to create their own ‘Imaginary City Model’. This activity not only uses art to stimulate their minds, but also instills a sense of responsibility towards the environment. It impresses upon them the importance of proper waste disposal, and how every small action contributes to the larger goal of preserving our environment.

Meet Dinosaur 

Children have a natural curiosity and fascination with dinosaurs. Psychological research has shown that encouraging this interest can help them develop their memory, thinking, and information processing skills. Our ‘Meet the Dinosaur’ activity caters to this interest, taking children on a journey back in time to explore creatures from millions of years ago. We introduce them to the world of dinosaur fossils through hands-on activities, such as fossil digging, and sail on a thrilling quest to discover hidden fossils. Along this journey, they also will learn about the surrounding marine ecosystem.

Nature’s Nomad

Enhance your children’s physical, mental, and cognitive abilities surrounded by the natural world. They will learn about the mangrove ecosystem, through priceless hands-on experience, and encounter the diverse creatures living along the shores of the Andaman Sea, such as the hermit crab, fiddler crab, and a variety of tropical water birds amidst the coconut trees, mangroves, and other living things in their natural habitat. Using their senses, they will engage with the environment through activities like our ‘Nature’s Nomad’, which starts with the children  listening to a variety of sounds that stimulate their imagination.

Then we invite the children to participate in a healthful exercise which gets them into practicing yoga poses inspired by various animals. Following this, we’ll embark on a mini adventure beyond the classroom, rowing along the natural lagoon that borders the resort, allowing the kids to identify various animal species they’ve learned about. This helps them develop their sense of sight, smell and hearing. Importantly, throughout this adventure, the children will also gather natural materials that they can use later to create their own works of art, a creative process that they will find immensely enjoyable. 

Kayak Adventure & Forest Bathing 

The practice of Forest Bathing, or ‘Shinrin-yoku’ as it’s known in Japanese, is not just about mountain climbing, trekking, or trail running. The aim is to surround yourself in tranquil nature and, using all five senses, to deeply connect with the surrounding environment. This engagement with pure nature is a healing experience for your mind and body.

With this philosophy in mind, we have crafted the ‘Kayak Adventure & Forest Bathing’ experience for your whole family to enjoy while spending high-quality time together in a pristine setting. In this activity, parents and children take a serene kayaking journey along the unspoiled natural lagoon bordering the resort. You will observe the lush surroundings, breathe in the fresh air, sense the natural aromas, and listen to the birdsongs and the sound of flowing water. This setting provides a chance to connect with each other on a deeper level, beyond the everyday conversations, to express love and experience each other more profoundly, enhancing the mutual understanding of parents and children.

Marshmallow Time 

After engaging in a range of activities, your children will love “Marshmallow Time”. This cherished campfire moment is a “must have” for kids and something they all look forward to.  Your children will get to roast marshmallows themselves. Besides being an enjoyable and tasty exercise, it also teaches some practical skills such as fire-building and understanding wind directions. This activity is held every Saturday.

We invite you to the fulfilling experience of many precious moments at Devasom Khao Lak, where kids learn through play, making lifelong memories in a haven inspired by nature.



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