TAKOLA Thai Restaurant

Takola Restaurant (Opening Hours 07.00 – 23.00)

Unforgettable moments of happiness can sometimes come along in the form of the most delicious food. Located within a pleasant ambiance, “Devasom Khao Lak” is devoted to creating “Takola Restaurant” an authentic Thai cuisine carefully designed. The perfect blend of contemporary and iconic Takola, ready to serve a variety of delicacies from sunrise to sunset. Made with the heart, fall in love with special dishes cooked with fresh, quality ingredients. But most importantly, taste the charm of original flavors. Fabricated by a team of experienced Thai chefs.

Whether it be local Thai food from the South such as Moo Hong, Chili Kung Paste, traditional Thai dishes such as Ma Hor, Crab Curry with Betel Leaves and not forgetting popular dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong and so much more. Complemented by exclusive drinks and a Wine Cellar where you can explore fine wines from all over the world to pair it with your favorite dish. “Takola Restaurant” also offers a wide choice of breakfast buffet, including local and international as well as daily specials. Savor in a selection of local food, snacks and famous street food.

Devasom Khao Lak’s Takola Restaurant, an authentic Thai cuisine meticulously designed. Selected as one of the four restaurants in Phang Nga Province and having received the ‘Bib Gourmand’ MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2021 Award, those who have a fascination with the kitchen of Thailand should certainly not miss these original Thai recipes!

Relax in nature at the outdoor seating area.
Lay eyes on a full view of the lagoon and sea.

Every single dish is ready for you to luxuriate in served with the heart.

Enjoy a wide choice of breakfast buffet, including local and international, as well as daily specials.

Experience the aesthetics of dining created from the perfect combination of ambiance, delicious food and exclusive wine selections from all over the world.


“Takola Restaurant” is a sophisticated Thai Cuisine that is ready to serve a variety of dishes for guests
to indulge in the charm of all flavors gently cooked with authentic seasoning and local ingredients.
Not only does it benefit your health, but it also supports the community.
Experience a significant historical port of Takuapa that has plenty of cultural heritage.

Recommended Dishes

“Moo Hong” (Stewed Pork Belly)

“Moo Hong” is a traditional dish inherited from local recipes. A mild cinnamon aroma with a soft, juicy and savory flavor of pork belly marinated with soy sauce, palm sugar, garlic, coriander and black pepper until absorbed deeply, combined with a meticulous cooking process for more than two hours until the “Moo Hong” gets the sweet, salty and mellow taste just right. “Moo Hong” is considered to be one of the common dishes of the Hokkien Chinese that migrated to the southern region where the word “Hong” means to boil the pork meat into all its seasonings.

Cooked and served in the style of Takola Restaurant, “Moo Hong” is a popular local dish from Southern Thailand.

This particular process includes stir frying and stewing until each seasoning is absorbed into the meat.
So flavorful you can feel the juiciness of the pork – salty, sweet, mellow and the divine scent of cinnamon.

“Shrimp Chili Paste”

“Shrimp Chili Paste” is a local dish from the South with a local recipe alongside rich and intense flavors where the chef has added a dimension of flavor to create a unique taste by adding ingredients like garlic, fine shrimp paste, dried shrimp and chili to grill and deliver a mouth-watering aroma. Before pounding with shrimp chili paste, the sides are served with a variety of boiled vegetables, recommended to be eaten with boiled eggs and “Khao Dok Kha” (local rice of Phang Nga Province). Experience a bold taste blended with the crunchiness of the Shrimp Chili Paste.

Preparing ingredients with savvy skill and cooked with the heart

A flavorful Shrimp Chili Paste of the Southern Kitchen Recipe

“Khao Dok Kha” indegenious local rice planted in Phang Nga Province.
It is rich in healthy vitamins and helps support products from the community.

“Ma Hor”

“Ma Hor” a traditional Thai snack that’s hard to find and requires stir-fry filling which has a detailed process of controlling temperature, seasoning and more. Served in the style of “Takola Restaurant”, the chef stir-fries it with minced pork and prawns mixed with garlic, palm sugar and other ingredients until the taste turns mellow and rich. The filling is soft and chewy, served with citrus fruits such as kiwi, oranges and Phuket pineapples – the most exquisite combination.

We cook every dish with determination

“Ma Hor”, a traditional and refreshing Thai appetizer

“Crab Curry with Betel Leaves”

If you’re a Crab Curry with Betel leaves lover, you certainly won’t want to miss this! An intense curry paste made with coconut milk combined with sweet, fresh crab meat with a selection of only fresh crabs from the fishermen of Ban Nam Khem and the nearby community.

Fresh ingredients from the sea bought from local fishermen ready to whip up a rich crab curry with betel leaves.

Organic vegetables planted in a small garden behind the kitchen, healthy for both the mind and body : )

“Crab Curry with Betel Leaves”, a rich flavored curry perfectly paired with vermicelli noodles.

“Tom Yum Goong”

“Tom Yum Goong” is a popular Thai dish of “Takola Restaurant”. Tom Yum clear soup is a traditional recipe with the use of Thai herbs – salty, spicy, sour and tamarind. What completes this dish is that the shrimps bought from villagers are unbelievably fresh. This is definitely as tasty as it gets.

“Tom Yum Goong”, a traditional recipe full of creative flavors!

“Pad Thai”

In order for all guests to experience a tasteful dish of the royal Pad Thai Chef – there’s a secret recipe to this. The noodles are delicate and chewy, blending traditional recipes that goes along with ingredients such as fresh chili, dried chili, red chili and more. Displaying dimensions of color, taste and assorted aromas. Also served with banana flower, asiatica leaf and various vegetables to give it a touch of the authentic Pad Thai.

“Pad Thai”, a delicate but chewy recipe and intense flavored. Noodle lovers cannot miss!

“Stir Fried Prawn with Kapi Shrimp Paste Sauce”

A tasty local’s favourite dish in TAKOLA’s fine dining recipe. We use local Phang Nga’s shrimp paste known for its top quality, stir fried with large prawn, fresh leek and coconut shoot from local farms

The delicious aroma of the Southern Kitchen that many people love

“Gaeng Leung Pla”

Very spicy and flavourful yellow curry with fresh sea bass, cooked in authenthic Southern Thai recipe with fresh yellow curry ingredients, tamarind and assorted vegetable.

Taste original and spicy Southern dishes

Coconut Ice Cream  ‘Takola’

Thai styled coconut gelato with fresh coconut meat and assorted condiments served in cononut half.

Sweet and refreshing homemade coconut ice-cream



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TAKOLA Thai Restaurant [Thai version]

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