What The Sandy Shores of Khao Lak Looks Like

Not everyone can confidently say they’ve been to paradise on Earth. But, people who have visited the white sand beaches of Khao Lak swear by the experience. The issue is debatable for those who haven’t been there but

The Ao Thong beach of Khao Lak is a short walk from the main road. You can ask a tuk-tuk driver from Khao Lak town to drive you there. After you pass a small opening between trees, the view of the sea and sand greets you in melancholy.

Enjoy a Snow-like Experience with White Sand

The white sand beach of Ao Thong will make you confused for a second. Is that snow on this sunny tropical destination? Look again! Upon closer inspection, you realize it’s white sand with a brownish hue. Who could blame you? At a distance, the white shores of Khao Lok almost look like snow.

Exquisite Gastronomic Experience

The beaches of Khao Lak are bombarded with restaurants and food kiosks. With an incredibly beautiful location, you get to enjoy the wonders of nature one bite at a time. A wide array of fresh fruits are ready can be consumed from friendly street vendors who offer it a discount price compared to a fruit platter sold at a restaurant.

Swim in Tropical Paradise

The white sand beaches of Khao Lok are safe territories even for small children— there is no steep drop in elevation in the sea. You can still stand flat-footed even after a 50m walk from the shore. The warm waters invite any tourist to take a dip in its serene, calm environment.

The beach setting with lines of trees barricading the property without a promenade in view. A sea view of the sunset as you drink a cold glass of margarita screams of the perfect paradise! The towering trees make excellent shade spots when it gets too hot for your skin to handle.

Hermit Crabs Galore!

There are hundreds of hermit crabs coming in various shapes and sizes carrying their homes as they walked sideways to and fro the sea. Hermit crab watching is a fun activity while you lazily read a book under a tree. Simple gestures like these help you appreciate the glorious wonders of life.

Pro Tip: Don’t get too close. Otherwise, they’ll hide in their shells. If they do, you can pick up a few and place them in a line. Have a betting race with the locals or fellow tourists to see who gets to the beach first! Please do not involve money though, buying winners a good drink or two spares you the trouble with the law.

Should you Visit The Sandy Shores of Khao Lak?

Absolutely! The beaches of Khao Lak is one of the best in the world. For the price point, you get isolation, an impressive sea view, and quality facilities. You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars of cash to enjoy tropical paradise. Just visit the shores of Khao Lak to know what I’m talking about here.

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