4 Details to Remember for a Perfect Khao Lak Beach Wedding

You might have read many articles online about how to plan the best Khao Lak beach wedding ever. However, not many have covered the little details that’ll make or break your perfect wedding. This ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime, and you’d want everything to go according to plan, even those tiniest of details.

Here are four tiny details you need to remember for a perfect Khao Lak beach wedding:

1. Put on Sunscreen
First things first, don’t ever forget your sunscreen. Remember, you’re at the beach, and your day is going to be full of walking under the warmth of the sun. The last and last thing you ever want to deal with is to walk around looking like a cherry tomato the first day, and a snake halfway through its shedding the next day.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to wear sunscreen for you, imagine not being able to touch the love of your life because it hurts to do so. Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to deal with post-wedding! Put on sunscreen of at least SPF 30, or SPF 100 if you’re going to be sure.

2. Avoid the Heels
Walking on the sands barefooted is hard enough. Putting on heels is just going to turn walking into a nightmare. You’ll sink into the sand, never getting anywhere.

We highly recommend that you go barefoot. If the sand is too hot or too rough, you can opt for beautiful sandals instead. However, if you want to wear heels, at least use the ones that are chunkier with more surface area at the bottom.

3. Keep Your Hair Up
We all know you look gorgeous, even sexy, with your hair down when you walk down the aisle. Do you know what’s not sexy nor pretty? Hair flying everywhere when even the slightest wind gusts onto the wedding.

At the beach, there is nothing that’ll stop the wind from blowing your hair everywhere. Not only is it extremely annoying to find hair in your mouth, but it’ll mess up your make up and, of course, your hair. Pin it or tie it in a way that they’re all bunched and up there. Plus, because of the warmer weather Thailand is well known for, freeing your neck will help cool you down quite significantly.

4. Leave the Veil
Ah, the beautiful veil, turning any lady into an angel look-alike as they gracefully walk down the aisle. Well, that would be the case if you were holding the wedding in an enclosed venue. Remember how the wind will ruin your hair and cause you to look like tentacles trying to catch its next prey? Well, the veil is going to do the same thing.

Any wind at all is going to cause the veil to whip around your face. Skip the veil and wear something else instead, such as flowers or even seashell ornaments!

In conclusion, a beach wedding, especially one in Khao Lak, is one of the most beautiful types of weddings we can ever imagine. While it might not be as luxurious as some others held in luxury venues, nothing beats the beauty of mother nature. Imagine being surrounded by the beautiful crystal blue sea, walking on soft sands, and blanketed by a deep blue sky, not to mention the warm sun casting warmth and light onto everything. Now that’s a natural luxury for you. Congratulations on your wedding!

If you’re planning to stay at a beachfront resort for your upcoming beach wedding, why not book with us? Visit our website and check out what we have to offer!



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