Touring the Beauty of Khao Lak on a Bike, What To Expect

There are many ways you can explore Thailand, and there are plenty of beautiful places you can visit in this country. If you’re up for a simple yet unforgettable adventure, touring Thailand on a bicycle is an eco-friendly way to get close to nature and experience the beauty firsthand.

If you visit Khao Lak, you can expect an adventure that’s unlike any other. You will come across several cycling tours in the area, and each trip gives you options for how much time you want to spend biking and which sights you want to see. The best part is that once you make a choice, the tour provider will take care of the rest.

Introducing Khao Lak

Khao Lak is famous for having the most peaceful beach destinations in Thailand. If you want to enjoy quiet walks by the sea and empty, unspoiled beaches, Khao Lak is the place to visit.

It is a one-hour drive from the north of Phuket Island and consists of a series of villages in the middle of Takua Pa District and Mueang District of the Phang Nga Province.

Khao Lak literally translates to Lak mountain, which is the name of the largest mountain in the center of the region. Three national parks surround this area, which makes it no wonder that it is best explored by biking around!

The Cycling Eco Tour

The Khao Lak cycling tours are a fantastic way to explore the region’s natural beauty. Khao Lak is surrounded by mountains and beaches, seemingly untouched by humankind. Biking is an eco-friendly way of exploring the place while giving you a personal and unforgettable experience. Through cycling and sightseeing, you get to connect with Khao Lak’s treasured beauty.

Every tour you will encounter is designed to suit participants’ fitness and cycling abilities, so you don’t have to feel pressured. All you need to do is choose between a half-day tour in the morning, a half-day tour in the afternoon, and a full-day biking tour.

What to Expect

All bike tours are planned to let you experience the best sights of Khao Lak. That includes its most striking waterfalls and beaches. After choosing your bike, the first destination would be a visit to Memories Beach. You will bike through a gravel trail shaded by different trees of coconut, rubber, and pine.

You’ll pass through palm oil and fruit plantations and ride past the Buddhist temple that will lead you to an unspoiled, unnamed waterfall. The beauty of this kind of travel is it is not limiting. You are free to have a quick swim in the waterfall’s fresh and clear water while enjoying the view of the trees and the blue sky.

Other tours will guide you to the ancient walls and Sino-Portuguese architectures of the famous governor’s house and the Chinese Buddhist temple nearby. After a quick break of delicious Thai refreshments, you will drive back on track to the little Amazon they call Klong Sung Nae. You can explore the gorgeous canal in a kayak with the guidance of a boatman.


Through a biking tour experience, you can explore the most scenic routes in Khao Lak that give you the best view of the evergreen mountains and the vibrant countryside. You will enjoy the trip moving from one spot to another with the fantastic tour guides’ help. The cycling eco-tour is a fun-filled activity that newbies and professional bikers will surely enjoy.

Make your trip to Khao Lak even more memorable by staying at Devasom Khao Lak Beach Resort. Our beachside resort gives you the luxury of waking up to a scenic view of the sea that takes you back in time. You can explore the resort’s surroundings by using our bicycles for free when you book your accommodation with us.



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