A Quick Guide to Birdwatching in Khao Lak – Lamru National Park

If you want to connect with nature, one of the most entertaining ways to do it is through birdwatching or birding. If you want a relaxing vacation with naturally beautiful surroundings, one of the best places to visit is the beach.

And if you want both, you’ll surely be delighted to know that there’s such a place for you in Khao Lak, Thailand!

Aside from being known as one of the best beach destinations in the world, these tourist-oriented villages have various vibrant natural landscapes and attractions, including Khao Lak – Lam Ru National Park.

Named from two of its mountain peaks, Khao Lak and Lam Ru, this national park is located on rugged and hilly terrain approximately 80 km north from Central Phuket. Its total area covers beaches and tropical evergreen montane forests and is about 125 km², divided into the western and eastern side. The western side covers the Khao Lak mountain and the beach, while the eastern side is where the Lamru Waterfall can be found.

Bird Attractions
There are several species of birds that you will meet if you visit Lamru National Park. Here are some that you will commonly encounter:


  • Streak-eared Bulbul
  • Stripe-throated Bulbul
  • Buff-vented Bulbul
  • Red-eyed Bulbul
  • Cream-vented Bulbul


  • Common Iora
  • Green Iora

Another interesting species that you may encounter is the Red-breasted Parakeet, which is believed to have thrived in the area after being introduced into the region through trade.

Other gems you will find here are the Black-naped Oriole, the Asian Fairy Bluebird, the Vernal Hanging Parrot, the Chestnut-bellied Malkoha, and the Coppersmith Barbet. You’ll also be able to come across flowerpeckers, such as the Orange-bellied and Scarlet-backed, as well as the Olive-backed, Brown-throated, and Ruby-cheeked Sunbird.

You’ll also find some birds of prey flying high up in the sky in this national park, such as the Brahminy Kite and White-bellied Sea Eagle. What’s even more exciting is that you’re also likely to see Black Baza, Japanese Sparrowhawk, and Grey-faced Buzzard traveling in flocks and passing through the area during the migration period.

The Best Places for the Best Sightings

For the best experience and to see as many birds as possible, you should look for fruiting trees in the area. For example, try checking the fig trees around the parking areas and administration offices. You can also ask help from local rangers as to where you’ll be able to get the most sightings.

Aside from fruiting trees, you can also try your luck and visit the areas where casuarinas flourish, such as along a beachfront villa in Khao Lak. Especially during the late afternoons and evenings, you’ll likely find various pigeon species there, like the Thick-billed and Pink-necked pigeons. You may also encounter different kinds of Starlings, such as the Purple-backed and White-shouldered Starlings. On rare occasions, you may even see a Rosy Starling or a Chestnut-cheeked Starling!

Lastly, you’ll be surprised to know that you’ll also find these bird attractions at the national park’s lowlands, which are occupied by Khao Lak hotels and resorts. You will see various open country birds, as well as bulbuls and starlings, flying around the trees in hotel gardens. You might even sight a Collared Scops Owl waiting for insects to feed on nearby street lamps!


The Khao Lak – Lam Ru National Park is a great destination for the whole family looking for a way to detach from technology and connect with nature. Aside from the bird attractions in the area, the whole gang is sure to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the ebbing and flowing sounds of the surrounding beaches.

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