4 Tourist Attractions You Can Explore near Khao Lak

The south of Thailand contains diverse stunning beaches that are waiting to be discovered, explored, and loved. If you are looking for your next beach getaway destination in this part of the country, then you may consider visiting Khao Lak in Phang Nga province.

Since Khao Lak is warm all year-round, you can visit this paradise any time. The peak season is from November to March, the hottest season is from April to May, while the low season with heavy downpours and sunshine is from September to October.

Unlike its neighboring islands that are filled with noise, crowds, and parties, this 25-kilometer stretch of coast offers peace and tranquility that you have been longing for while surrounding you with breathtaking natural beauty. It is a perfect vacation destination for families and solo or couple travelers who opt to enjoy a quiet ambiance.

Make the most out of your vacation in Khao Lak by visiting its nearby attractions. Here are some of the places you can explore that are easily accessible from this paradise:

Khao Sok National Park

True to its slogan “Where nature meets adventure,” visiting Khao Sok National Park is sure to bring you lots of fun-filled adventures and unforgettable memories. You can enjoy taking in the breathtaking rainforest, lakes, waterfalls, cliffs, and valleys, exploring the caves, and learning more about wildlife. Some of the exciting activities you can do within the national park are cruising, kayaking, guided tours, hiking, river rafting, and snorkeling.

Phang Nga Bay

Whether you are a person with wanderlust or a movie buff, you are sure to enjoy exploring Phang Nga Bay. Aside from being known for its rivers, limestone cliffs, caves, and wildlife, this paradise that is rich in natural beauty has become an icon for movie lovers since it has been featured several times in different movies. In fact, this place is commonly known as James Bond Island.

Surin Island

This pristine island boasts of white sand, crystal clear waters, an abundance of marine life, and enchanting coral reefs. Aside from its spectacular beauty, what makes this place superb is it offers various exciting activities that will satisfy the thrill-seeker in you. Here, you can enjoy swimming, hiking, diving, and snorkeling. To do all these and more, it is best to go on an overnight camping trip on this island.

Similan Island

Similan Island is considered as one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. Underneath the waves is a whole new world that awaits the divers. It has a wide variety of natural beauty that you can explore, from white sand beaches, marine creatures, reefs, caves, to waterfalls. It is also an excellent spot for snorkeling and riding yachts and boats.


In a nutshell, Khao Lak has almost everything that all types of travelers would love. It is rich in natural attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss. Whether you are passionate about adventures, nature, wildlife, or water sports, you are sure to find something that you would enjoy in this paradise.

We’re a beachfront resort in Khao Lak that offers a spellbinding view of the Khao Lak seascape. Here, you can enjoy top-notch amenities and services while exploring the entire island. Contact us to book a room!



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