3 Way You Can Experience the Best of Khuk Khak Beach

Aside from its ancient ruins and ornate temples, Thailand is also widely known for its tropical beaches. Each year, many tourists visit these beaches to witness its incredible nature views and experience bits of Thai culture.

Khuk Khak Beach, in particular, is one of the tourists’ favorites. It is located in Khao Lak, Thailand, which is nearly a two-hour drive from the Phuket International Airport.

When you want to experience the best of what Khuk Khak Beach has to offer, here are three ways you can do so:

1. Experience various outdoor activities

Take this opportunity to connect yourself with nature while you enjoy the many activities that you can do on the beach. Even a simple walk at the shore during sunset can make your experience more memorable and precious, especially if you are with your loved ones. A beach trip can give you both a relaxing and thrilling experience.

Devasom Khao Lak Beach Resort, for example, gives its guests the best and most memorable experience by letting them enjoy the beauty and thrill of nature. They offer various outdoor activities that leave guests in awe after seeing the pristine beauty of Khuk Khak Beach. Make the most of your vacation by joining other guests in other outdoor activities, such as:

  • Snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Kayaking
  • Island hopping
  • Eco-tour cycling
  • Mountain trekking

In case you want a more relaxed and different experience, why not experience a glimpse of Thai culture instead? Devasom Khao Lak lets their guests experience bits of Thai culture by offering various leisure classes and activities, including:

  • Thai cuisine cooking class
  • Thai handicraft and garland making class
  • Thai snack demo class
  • Traditional Thai massage

2. Take a morning stroll at the shore

Khuk Khak Beach is one of the beaches in Thailand that has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Take a morning walk at the shore and witness an awe-striking sunrise as you explore the island. You can also take this opportunity to get a dose of Vitamin D from the sun, which is only beneficial for your health. It is absorbed directly through your skin, and it can leave you feeling healthy and refreshed after your morning stroll.

If you prefer nighttime adventures, you can enjoy the magnificent sunset of Khuk Khak Beach. You can also join other guests in the “Devasom Sunset,” which is an oceanfront cocktail party organized by the beach resort for their beloved guests.

3. Stay at a cozy beach house

After a long tiring yet awesome day, you would want to have a place where you can relax and spend the night. Rather than staying at a hotel or camping tent, why not rent a beach house during your vacation stay? There is nothing more rewarding than waking up in the morning and hearing the splashes of waves nearby. You will get more excited to start a new day of adventure and fun. Beach houses or vacation rentals are fully-equipped to tend to your needs as some even have extra amenities, so you can fully relax on your trip.


Beach trips are not like any other vacation trips. Whether you want a relaxing or thrilling experience, a beach trip can surely give you that. Khuk Khak Beach is one of Thailand’s best beach destinations as it offers a stunning view and incredible local experience.

Devasom Khao Lak Beach Resort and Villas offers a wide range of fun and thrilling outdoor activities. If you are planning to spend your vacation at Khuk Khak Beach and stay at a luxury beachfront resort, get in touch with us today to book your stay!



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