3 Exciting Activities to Do in Khao Lak For Your Nature – Driven Honeymoon

If you’re looking to celebrate your post-wedding bliss in a destination where verdant landscapes meet with powdery, white sand, Khao Lak, Thailand is right up your alley. It’s a tropical paradise that is sure to bring you closer to love and nature as the breathtaking, palm-infringed shorelines, mystical rainforests, captivating national parks, and inspiring ancient ruins in between offering something plenty to explore.

Beach bums and thrill-seekers alike can experience a romantic getaway of a lifetime as there are places that are sure to meet your mood for high-octane activities and dreams of lounging lazily by the sparkling Andaman Sea. With that in mind, the list below should show you the loveliest spots in Khao Lak where you can spend a heart-thrilling experience:

Must-Visit #1: Take a Lovely Stroll and Watch the Sunset at Biang Niang Beach

Thailand is home to the world’s most stunning beaches, which is why it makes sense to head for the white sands, sparkling ocean, and coconut groves lining the coastline as soon as you’re ready to take on a love-filled escapade. Speaking of which, Biang Niang Beach is one of the best options for couples to taste a slice of paradise.

The picture-perfect surroundings of Biang Niang Beach is a go-to in town for those who want to sit back by the sands and embrace the salty breeze, while the stunning view makes it a must-visit for those who want to watch beautiful sunsets together.

Must-Visit #2: Take a Refreshing Splash at the Chong Fah Waterfall

Khao Lak is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant night markets, but there’s more beauty to discover beyond its lush jungles. If you’re looking to chase safari adventures deep within the island’s forests, hiking to the Chong Fah Waterfall is sure to add a refreshing take on your honeymoon.

The tall waterfall is a breathtaking sight to behold as the misty water is set between vibrant greenery, transporting everyone in the tranquil scene into a magical world. It’s a beautiful spot for couples who want to dig deeper into Khao Lak’s natural wonders.

Must-Visit #3: Shop ‘Til You Drop at the Biang Niang Market

There’s no shortage of fun in Khao Lak as the popular beach towns, exotic jungles, rich cultural heritage, and other hidden beauties in between are worth dedicating a spot in your itinerary. However, shopping for local trinkets in the island’s neon-clad market also offers a unique experience on its own.

With that in mind, shopping in the colorful town of Biang Niang Market is a must for those who want to bring home bang-for-the-buck clothes and accessories to taste your way into the local culture as food stalls line up the streets.

The Bottom Line: Ending the Day on a Sweet Note at Devasom Khao Lak

Exploring the rich, natural beauty of Khao Lak by venturing into hidden jungles, strolling by the beach, to chasing waterfalls in between looks like a perfect day in your first adventure as a married couple.

While full-day tours are exciting, the high-octane energy you spend making the most of what Khao Lak offers can also be tiring. Why not end your fun-filled excursions on a relaxing note at Devasome, where you can indulge in special spa packages dedicated to adding an even sweeter touch to your honeymoon.

We’re a beachfront resort in Khao Lak, get in touch with us today to book your stay.



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