A Week of Wonders – Khao Lak Thailand

Renew the discovery of wonder, through new eyes. Refresh your appreciation of natural beauty in a landscape so amazing you might have doubted it was real. Experience the warmth and joy in a smile that never seems to fade—and bounces back like an eternal sunrise.

The reopening of Thailand is an opportunity the whole world has been waiting for, the natural and cultural wonders that make amazing new memories. At Devasom Khao Lak Beach Resort & Villas, you can celebrate it all with the ultimate itinerary.

Day 1: Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island

Beginning the Week of Wonders with a short journey over to Phang Nga Bay National Park is an immediate introduction to a fantastic landscape that looks like it has come right out of a dream.

The hour-long trip to the bay, through intriguing scenery, brings you to a unique and incredible wonder of geology. Plan on filling up your phone’s gallery with one amazing photo of the view after another. Spend your first day exploring the area’s dramatic rock formations and sunken caverns on foot or slipping between the huge limestone cliffs in a kayak, looking for secret grottoes and hidden islets.

Bold adventurers can cruise over the placid water of the Andaman, and enter a world of intrigue picking up the trail of the most famous international man of mystery on a distant beach, amidst the truly spectacular natural phenomena of James Bond Island.

Day 2: Khao Na Yak Snorkel & Free Dive

At the foot of a mountain, the name of which in Thai language means “Giant Face”, after a short drive and boat crossing that takes around half an hour, an encounter with another wonder of our planet waits you. Come ashore on a 13 km long white sand beach, relax and watch the crystal blue waves glittering in the morning sun as they lap lazily against the shore and nearby rocks. Take in the clean breeze and enjoy long moments drenched in the splendor of untouched nature.

However, beneath all that remarkably pristine beauty, another world is also waiting. A fabulous location for snorkeling, as well as for free diving, Thailand’s Andaman coast is teaming with colorful undersea and tropical wonders, which can only be seen to be believed. The visions of coral, the variety of sea life, and especially the serenity experienced as you wander amidst it, will make the kind of memories that two persons, or a small group of intimate friends, will share forever.

Day 3: Relax at the Villa, followed by Beach Dining

Relaxation is also what the perfect vacation is all about. And the freedom to do so, with a day of your own in one of Devasom’s top-of-class private beachfront pool villas, is exactly the life your soul feels at home in. Located right along the beach, with a gorgeous marble infinity pool between, this is the perfect place for some quality time together as you enjoy wonderful hours of bespoke comfort and superior personalized service, which is the kernel of Thai luxury at its very best.

This is where you recharge, with a leisurely swim in the infinity pool and a delicious selection of everyone’s favorite, the Devasom Afternoon Treats.

Evening approaches with enchanting hues that color the earth with romance as you sit down to our unique ‘Dining by Desire’ experience. This specially crafted 5-course dinner, enjoyed while gazing into each other’s eyes during a sunset of breathtaking beauty, reveals the sense of wonder this week promises renewed gloriously in two hearts that, for this moment, beat as one.

Day 4: Similan Islands

Greet this day with a coming sense of triumph, as you will soon be crossing off one more enviable item from your Travel Bucket-List. The Similan Islands are world-renowned for their beauty which surrounds you in genuinely natural exclusivity, far away from the hassles of everyday society and returned to wonder, closer to nature.

That said, traveling by speedboat from our Devasom Beach in Khao Lak takes a little over an hour. Various options are available and you can charter your own boat for maximum freedom and the joys of snorkeling or just relaxing at any point you find extraordinarily lovely.

This is a full day’s trip; more importantly, it will be a day which you will always remember as extremely well spent.

Day 5: Elephant Sanctuary

A wonder-filled day of inspiration and heartwarming communion is in store for you at the Khao Lak Elephant Home, a comprehensive and caring elephant sanctuary that allows you close-up interaction with these gentle giants of the region in their natural environment.

You will be shown how to feed them and help bathe them, with hands-on care of variously aged elephants. The Asiatic elephant is known for playfulness and even a bit of mischievousness, though one may be shyer or braver than another. Encountering each one of their personalities and interacting with them, as you learn how to care for these very special creatures, will be a hallmark of wonderful moments to remember about this week

Day 6: Khao Sok National Park and Bamboo Raft

If you have ever, at least once in your life, daydreamed about traveling back through time to limits of ancient history, you will be delighted to find out that on the sixth day, you will voyage to where first-hand experience of antiquity is the norm. The Khao Sok National Park is possibly the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world. If only trees could talk!

This awe-inspiring park whose rainforest and mountains have weathered through millenniums is composed of fascinating terrain, including ridges formed of tremendous limestone towers dividing lush hidden valleys and deep caverns or standing apart in a glassine surface of water, verdant forests hanging over the cliffsides, and all the species of wild animals for which Khao Sok is home.

You can trek through a stunning landscape of these mountains and lakes in wonder that this, too, is on planet earth. A trip by long-tail boat begins the adventure, followed by an experience like no other, journeying deeper into the heart of mystery and beauty on a bamboo raft.

Day 7: A Day of Relaxation and Serenity

After a week of more breathtaking experiences than most have in a lifetime, this is a day of reward for your very worthy efforts. Simply let go of your cares and recline into bliss, with our express permission to enjoy the well-deserved and complete pacification of your mind, while your body is treated to a deeply soothing massage.

Our curated wellness experience will be professionally customized to your interests and lifestyle, whether you choose one of the Devasom Signature Treatments or special Devasom Lifestyle Retreat programs including a nutritious wellness meal.

When you are at last in complete alignment, treat your taste buds with a wide selection of gourmet Devasom dining at the scenic Takola Authentic Thai Restaurant or with something equally scrumptious at Mediterranean Beach Grill & Bar.

Discover the Devasom Experience

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A Week of Wonders - Khao Lak Thailand

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