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What You Can Expect on a Trip to Hua Hin Beach

Most of the world has spent a good portion of the year in quarantine, and Thailand is no exception. Recently, though, the government has eased up on domestic travel, giving locals and locally-based expats the chance to explore more of the country. Here is a closer look at Hua Hin Beach and what you can expect from a trip to this area today.

Transportation same, but with distancing

If you are coming from Bangkok, the train to Hua Hin might take an entire morning. Another option is to take a van at Mo Chit depot. These vans can accommodate up to 12 passengers, distributed throughout the vehicle to account for physical distancing.

To comply with contact tracing guidelines, you will have to provide your name and number before you board. This method, though, takes you to Hua Hin in about three hours. A one-way bus ticket back to the city will cost 180 baht, about just as much as a van ride.

For people raring for a luxurious vacation experience, you can arrange a private transfer from the airport to your resort. Devasom Hua Hin provides various options for a private transfer.

Activities abound, especially for the outgoing

Hua Hin’s beaches are full of weekenders, especially at sunrise and sunset. In between, you practically have the beach to yourself. Guests at Devasom have their pick from a range of water sports. You can also go for jet skiing, kite surfing, or banana boats.

If you are more inclined to spend time on land, you can go for horse-riding on the beach. The five-kilometer stretch of white sand on Hua Hin is the perfect setting for a quick seaside jaunt. When you get tired of riding, you can plop down for a massage at your local hotel’s spa, and nap the afternoon off in peace.

Dining at Hua Hin – fantastic, as always

Hua Hin is known for its blue crab and tiger prawns, and this much has not changed. You can still enjoy exquisite dishes featuring local seafood. From Som Tam Pu Ma to Hoi Wan Pad Cha, you have a world of flavors to try once you hit this beach. 

Make sure you try the shellfish; Hua Hin has delectable scallop and clam dishes that should be on any seafood lover’s list. Vegetarians and vegans do not need to despair, as this area has its share of delicious salads and plant-based food.

Hua Hin has many restaurants that fit every budget, from rustic restos with simple table settings to refined establishments with multi-course meals. For the more discerning visitors, you can book a personal seaside dining experience. Hotels offer private and exclusive dining options like these, and you can check with the concierge of your hotel to learn more. Don’t forget to order wine!


Hua Hin is a trendy and top-rated beach, so local travelers should take advantage of this time. If you love kite surfing, jet skiing, or simply lying on the sand to catch some rays, a weekend at Hua Hin is best for you.

Are you looking to stay at a beachfront villa in Hua Hin? Book your stay with Devasom Hua Hin. Get in touch with us today to learn more!



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