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4 Romantic Activities for Your Hua Hin Honeymoon Trip

Located three hours from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a place that offers tourists a chance to kick back and relax. This humble district lies in wait, especially for those looking to enjoy a romantic holiday experience.

If you’re looking for one of the best honeymoon destinations in Thailand, consider heading over to Hua Hin. There are just so many romantic activities you can do there to make your trip more memorable.

If you’re wondering what activities you can do in Hua Hin for during your romantic vacation, here are four of them to consider adding to your list:

1. Go snorkeling
If you’re planning to go snorkeling here, we highly recommend that you rent a speedboat and head straight for Talu Island. On this island, you’ll get to explore the wonders that lie under the sea, full of vibrant life.

When you’re done snorkeling, you can even go kayaking, hiking, and do many other activities on the island. You can spend a whole day on this stunning island exploring all the wonders it has to offer with your partner.

2. Visit the night market
If you’re looking for what is arguably the most popular activity in Hua Hin, then you should head for their night markets.

There, you’ll find many different items, from colorful clothes and hand-made craft to delicious food items, giving you plenty of options in terms of what you can buy to spoil yourself and your loved one with.

That said, as the prices here can get a little inflated, it is best that you practice on your bargaining skills to get lower prices for your items!

3. Explore the temples
Knowing that Thailand is a Buddhist country, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that Hua Hin is home to a few temples as well that display stunning designs.

Visit Wat Ampharam, a small charming temple which is the main temple of Hua Hin and one of the biggest attractions here. There are a few buildings you can find here, and although there is nothing about Wat Ampharam that makes it truly distinct, it is nevertheless a significant structure in the district.

Before you do visit this place, though, you’ll need to know a few rules. For example, before you enter any of the buildings, make sure to take off your shoes or sandals. Also, make sure to dress appropriately, meaning that you should wear pants or skirts that go all the way down to the knee and shirts that aren’t revealing.

4. Enjoy the local delicacies
While you might encounter plenty of different restaurants in Hua Hin, if you want the best of local delicacies, we recommend that you go to ones that are packed with locals.

Treat your loved one as well to amazing Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai and Tom Yum. Challenge yourself to eat some spicier or more exotic dishes and share in the experience together.

Wrapping up

Hua Hin is a charming district, and while it might not be as famous and touristy as Phuket or other more popular places, it is still a place that’s worth the visit. If you’re a big fan of a relaxed atmosphere, Hua Hin is the place to go. With many fun, exciting, and romantic activities to do, your honeymoon here is going to be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We’re a beachfront resort in Hua Hin, book your stay today!



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