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7 Underwater Photography Tips for a Stunning Experience

Imagine snorkeling and seeing all those hidden wonders underneath the water surface. It would certainly be nice if there’s a way to capture the beauty of nature under the sea as you see it in real life, right? Know that the resolution of the human eyes is said to be at around 576 megapixels for each eye, and that is truly impressive in comparison to the best underwater cameras in the stores. However, there’s no camera tech that could rise up to even half of that number just yet.

Fortunately, there are several photography tips to help you achieve that picture-perfect underwater shot you’ve always wanted. In this article, we will share with you seven tips on how to have a better underwater photography experience:

1. Take a plunge

The beauty of photos, in general, is mostly underscored by its composition. Taking the photos at eye level or slightly below the subject would give you better results than taking the shot from just above the surface.

2. Look at the ‘bigger picture’

Consider the background of your subject when you’re taking a photo. The best trick is to find the perfect background and wait for the sea creatures to come inside the frame instead of constantly moving your camera by following them around. You will not want your pictures to be ruined by a fellow snorkeler’s foot or something.

3. Do not use flash

Natural lighting is still the best way to go when taking underwater photos. Apart from the fascinating effects, the light bouncing off the corals and fishes can produce, fishes do not have eyelids as humans do, so the glare of the flash may temporarily blind them and cause them unnecessary stress.

4. Refrain from zooming

Zooming has its uses, but your photo would turn out better if you got closer to the subject instead. It will not compromise your photo’s resolution and you’ll get sharper results as well.

5. Highlight the sizes and depths

Make your images pop out by emphasizing the sizes and adding depths to your shots. Having another object in the frame for comparison may help your viewers have a clearer idea of your subject’s actual size.

6. Retouch your photos in post-production

Playing around with the Three C’s (color balance, contrast, crop) can actually help improve your photos by a significant margin. Adjusting the color balance for more vivid results, highlighting the contrast between objects and the background for more depth, and cropping photos to improve the composition or removing unwanted objects can already make a huge difference.

7. Take lots of photos

Taking shots after shots will give you a wide selection to choose from once you’re done. Some of your photos may slightly be more off than others, so having many shots with different angles will help you choose the best one that meets your approval. Invest in a memory card that has a large memory space so that you can avoid the hassle of switching SD cards from regularly.


The greatest barrier that will hamper you from getting those shots is doubting yourself. Of course, photography is a skill just like any other that needs lots of practice to be mastered. So, go out there, take that plunge, and keep on taking photos!

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