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The Best Travel Options to Get to Hua Hin District

Located two and a half hours away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok is a charming seaside resort city called Hua Hin.

The area used to be a quiet fishing village, but it has now developed into a beautiful seaside escape. Many locals and city folk flock to this district to spend a weekend to wind down and relax. Hua Hin is known not only for its beaches but also for its history that has been kept alive.

If you’re thinking about heading to Hua Hin for a weekend, there are different ways to get here that would be most convenient for you. Here’s a list of different travel options to serve as a guide:

The cheap and easy option

There are a bunch of minivan companies that can take you to Hua Hin from different pick-up points. If you’re not too picky about how you travel, and you don’t mind sharing some space with ten other people, then the minivan should be alright for you.

The advantage of taking a minivan is that it’s very flexible. It can pick you up from three different pick-up points, and there is a travel schedule to help you plan ahead. If you’re worried about the heat, that shouldn’t be a problem because most minivan services have air-conditioned automobiles.

The downside of taking a minivan to Hua Hin is that you will be cramped into a relatively tight space with other people and their luggage for two and a half hours. If you’re adamant about spending less, then you’re good to go with getting a minivan ticket.

The scenic option

If you want to psych yourself up for a beautiful weekend with nature, then taking the train to Hua Hin would be the perfect choice for you. When you take the train, you will be greeted with beautiful scenery that you will be passing through before you reach the seaside resort city.

This option is very practical because train systems follow a schedule and don’t deal with any traffic issues. The journey from Bangkok to Hua Hin by train may take two hours longer than a minivan or private car, but travel times are more flexible as you have different choices for travel in the morning and at night.

The convenient option

If you do not want to drive, or spend hours in a minivan with other people, or be on a train for four hours, the convenient option for you is to take a taxi to Hua Hin. You’ll have a driver control the car and take you to your destination while you sit comfortably at the back seat and ready yourself for some great weekend vibes.

A taxi ride to Hua Hin may take about three hours and will cost more than the other options. However, the convenience and comfort of doing so might well justify the price.

The Do-It-Yourself option

The option that will give you the most control over your journey is to rent a car and drive it to the beautiful city yourself. You’ll have control over the time you leave, the places you would want to check out before heading to the sea, and even a road trip playlist.

Renting a car is very convenient because you can book your car in advance and not have to worry about it until the day of your vacation. You’ll have enough space for yourself and other passengers, including your things. You also won’t have to worry about getting lost because Thailand has road signs in both English and Thai.


No matter what option you choose, you’re still going to end up in the same destination. You just have to weigh the options, think of what kind of trip you’d like, pack your bags, and go. Hua Hin is the most beautiful beach city you can go to for a quiet and relaxing weekend with your loved ones or even just by yourself!

Devasom is a beautiful beach resort located in Hua Hin. We offer luxury accommodations, amazing dining experiences, and unforgettable adventures for our guests. Book one of our villas today!



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