Hua Hin Resort & Hotel Hua Hin Resort & Hotel
Hua Hin Resort & Hotel Hua Hin Resort & Hotel

Devasom : About Hua Hin

“Hua Hin” (Thai: หัวหิน - stony head) is a glamourous seaside resort in Thailand and the first in the peninsula. Located just 195 km. to the South of Bangkok, Hua Hin area is well-known for its pristine beach, quaint beach houses, and quiet ambience. Nowadays Hua Hin offers many travel attractions, sports & cultural activities, a number of golf courses, spectacular shopping opportunities, state-of-art healthcare providers and numerous excellent restaurants serving Thai and international cuisines - a multitude to suits both short enchanting vacations and long relaxing stays.

Hua Hin's white pristine beach stretch was discovered during the railroad exploration in 1909 during the reign of King Rama V.

Being known for the warm, soothing climate along with its serene beach, Hua Hin soon became a vacation destination for the kings, the royal households and noble families. Since then, settled in Hua Hin areas include the first golf course in the peninsula, the first seaside luxury hotel in Thailand,
two royal palaces, and many preserved gingerbread-style beach bungalows of the noble families.
It was the resort’s royal endorsement which has given Hua Hin a special character of its very own.
In the old summer times, Hua Hin was a retreat for families to relax and enjoy summer activities together,
a place for high tea and ballroom dance, an opportunity for the glamours to see and be seen.

Popular activities in Hua Hin include:fishing, eco-cruising,
kite-boarding, Thai massage, cycling, diving, snorkeling, water sports,
pony-riding and golf.

Nowadays Hua Hin continues to be a popular destination for families, honeymooners, golfers, and business events. Although some classical
Hua Hin houses have been demolished to give way to large condominiums and modern hotels, the serene magic of Hua Hin is still all around. The attractions of a contemporary seaside resort are combined with the historical charms. Hua Hin has just celebrated its 100th anniversary and still conserves the relaxing ambience of the past.

Hua Hin beachfront
View from the Takiab rock, south of Hua Hin

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